Date Brunch Snacks Happy Hour Dinner
Sunday 8am-3pm 3pm-5pm   5pm-10pm
Monday 8am-3pm   3pm-6pm 5pm-10pm
Tuesday 8am-3pm   3pm-6pm 5pm-10pm ($1 Oysters!)
Wednesday 8am-3pm   All Night 5pm-10pm
Thursday 8am-3pm   3pm-6pm 5pm-11pm;  Open until 12am
Friday 8am-3pm   3pm-6pm 5pm-11pm;  Open until 1am
Saturday 8am-3pm 3pm-5pm   5pm-11pm;  Open until 1am

If you have trouble making a reservation, please call

(949) 642-2425

We look forward to having you!

SOCIAL Costa Mesa

512 West 19th Street
Costa Mesa, CA 92627